Im so happy to being doing my second giveaway! I hope you guys like this one as much as you did the first one. This is one for all you creative and artsy souls out there. I wanted to do an art giveaway, because so many of you guys have wanted to help me out by drawing/painting/creating beautiful artwork for my new apartment that im moving into soon! If anyone is still interested in making me some awesome art pieces, message me. If you do, there will be a  little care package involved with things that suit your taste! Anyway, back to the giveaway. 


  • Prismacolor illustration pen/markers. 8 set includes sepia and black. No bleed through, permanent, acid free, and non-toxic. Brush pinceau (for crisp line and detail work), chisel biseautee (for control and flexibility of a brush), and fine trait fin (for smooth lettering, outlining, and coverage of large areas)
  • A sketch book (hardbound) 110 sheets, 6 in. x 4 in. (acid free paper) 
  • Faber-Castell graphite aquarelle. Water soluble graphite pencils. Leads bonded to prevent breakage. Comes with 5 pencils w/ different degrees of hardness- HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B and an environment friendly water-based varnish brush.
  • 16 piece brush set by the Fine Touch. The brushes include- liner, script liner, round, detail, filbert, filbert comb, comb, triangular, dagger striper, chisel blender, shader/flat, angular, fan, angular, one stroke, glaze/wash. 
  • A 6 well plastic palette by Master’s Touch. 
  • General’s drawing pencils. 4 brushes and 4 degrees of hardness- HB (outline), 3B (drawing), 5B (shading), 6B (sketching). 
  •  6 water color paint set by art advantage. 12 ml tubes with the colors chinese white, sap green, lemon yellow, cerulean blue, vermilion (red), lamp black.
  • General’s jumbo kneaded rubber eraser. Latex and PVC free. used for charcoal, graphite, and pastel chalk.
  • All natural soy paint by Delta. Quality paint for eco-conscious artists.(shake well) 2 fl oz bottles. Comes in 14 colors- turquoise, green grass, butternut squash, red clay, tangerine, sunflower, lavendar, cocoa, pink hibiscus, kiwi, black onyx, blue sapphire, lemon, red apple.
  • $ 100 dollar value for all of the art supplies.


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  • Will ship anywhere.
  • Ends MARCH 31st!

Every reblog will be counted as an entry- the more time you reblog the better the chance. If you follow me on instagram or twitter, all of your entries double. For example if you reblog 24 times and then follow me on insta you will be entered 48 times. if you reblog 24 times and follow me on insta AND twitter you entries will be tripled and you will be entered 72 times. I will be using a random generator that takes my whole post and adds the reblogs as entries, but does not add your reblogs if youre not following me. and if you have followed me on other social networks i will double or triple your entry. Please DO NOT ask me these questions.. 

Good luck to all!

much love. <3